Artful Trash Management

ATM – automatic teller machines – autonomous trash movements - consumption-disposal, input-output… If RiverCubes are props, Artful Trash Management is strategy. Without the methods and aims of Artful Trash Management, RiverCubes would be sculpture for sale: postindustrial lawn ornaments… RiverCubes intervene in the ‘business as usual’ of waste, want to proliferate and tell their stories across the land, want to change the way we understand and relate to waste streams of our own production, and do all they do as part of the strategy of Artful Trash Management. Creative harvesting of the waste stream is the abiding goal of Artful Trash Management. RiverCubes are the catalyst phase of a broader strategy aimed at impacting human ecologies, and developing practices that creatively reuse “byproducts” of our culture at personal, intellectual, and industrial scales…
ATM manifesto (PDF)


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